Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Yorkist Age

Time, I think, to pay a small tribute to the book from which this Blogspot shamelessly ripped its title - The Yorkist Age by Paul Murray Kendall.

Most people interested enough to read this will be familiar with Kendall's more famous book Richard III but The Yorkist Age seems to be strangely neglected. That's a pity, because it focuses on daily life, and tells interesting (but factual) stories about the ordinary people (and a few of the less ordinary) that made up Yorkist England. You'll find pirates, mayors and merchants, lords and lawyers, ladies in love, ambitious yeoman and bored nuns. You won't be bored, I promise you.

Need I add that it's a fruitful source for those little details that are sought by historical novelists? If I had to take six books with me to a desert island, The Yorkist Age would be one of them.


Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

I have Kendall's RICHARD III (what R3 lover wouldn't?!) but I don't have THE YORKIST AGE (well, I didn't -- I just ordered it this morning after reading this post!). What about Kendall's WARWICK THE KINGMAKER? Another good one to have on the shelf, as well? And what are the other five books you'd take with you to the island?

Brian said...

Hi Lynn,

Yes the Warwick the Kingmaker book is useful, so for that matter is his work on Louis XI.

As to the other five books, I'll have to think about that. They would not all be medieval history though.