Saturday, 15 March 2008


I wrote an illustrated article on this subject for the New England Chapter of the Richard III Society, which you can find on their site here. It's relevant to this blog as I used the York window at Fotheringhay as a working example - this provides the heraldry of some of the people I have been discussing on here, and of others we shall come to in the future.


Joansz_R3 said...

To link to Brian's article, click on article index and then select 'Simple Medieval Heraldry'. Here's the direct link to the article.


Lady D. said...

That was a really interesting article Brian. I wonder if the sons of nobility had to have special classes in recognising their contemporaries's various arms and cognizances?

Brian said...

I'd not be that surprised if they did, though I suspect it became second nature after a time - the equivalent of us recognising a Mc Donald's logo when we see it.

What baffles me is how men in full, plate 'white armour' without heraldry (as in the later 15th C) were able to tell friend from foe.