Monday, 10 March 2008

Richard III Novel

Like the dog returning to its vomit, I am working on my Richard III novel again, having decided that the seven chapters I have completed are not quite the total write-off I thought, and with some polishing, may just do.

My idleness, general ill health, and tendency to start other projects - I have at least three other potential novels lined up - have delayed this shamefully. There have been some technical problems too, the latest of which is that I've too fairly significant characters both called Elizabeth. This may be confusing for the reader, but I will not change one of them to Gladys or something, and I'm a bit hesitant to use diminutives given that these are rather grand ladies, one a queen, one a duchess. They both feel like 'Elizabeths' to me!

So I think I shall just plough on and leave it to the edits, unless anyone has any better ideas. One can but hope for intelligent readers.

I pass lightly over the fact that most of the men not called 'John' seem to be 'Richard'. Gaaah! Why did not medieval people get their babies' names off the internet?


Joansz_R3 said...

Too bad the medieval Christians didn't keep the Jewish tradition of naming their children after dead ancestors. That would have neatly solved the problem except for when the family didn't know the person was alive. Also, given family trees that turned in on themselves, it's little wonder that names were often repeated, and I don't think the dead ancestor solution would have completely worked--albeit given more variety.

But maybe a simple solution would be to spell one Elizabeth slightly different from the other so there would be a visual cue, if not an auditory one?

Joansz_R3 said...

Meant to say--yay! Lusting after your R3 novel. Hope you share it with us on CC, but if not, I shall be more than content to buy the book.


Susan Higginbotham said...

I feel your pain! My own work-in-progress suffers from a surfeit of Henrys, Richards, Margarets, and (yes) Elizabeths. I do wish I could name someone "Bubba" and "Skeeter." At least I can call Buckingham "Harry."

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, don't think other countries are better off. I have to deal with a bunch of Heinrichs and Ottos, with the odd Konrad thrown in.

Starting projects .... welcome to the club, I'd say. I have six NiPs lined up. :)

Found your blog via a link at Susan's, btw.

Daphne said...

Hopefully, your book will turn out better than the thought of a dog returning to its vomit! I look forward to reading it (despite that visual picture I am sure I will have everytime I look at it).

Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

With five dogs in the house,I can visualize pretty well...but, in any case, I will definitely read your book and try to banish the thought!

Lady D. said...

Nice timing on that dog and vomit comment - mine threw up the other night all over the place! I was trying to forget it lol!

And yes, the names - I can so relate. I've got a surplus of Hughs.

Look forward to the Richard III novel - you'll just have to get on and write it now with all this interest ;-)

Buttercup said...

Why not use the "Isabel" variety of Elizabeth?