Thursday, 15 November 2012

Progress on This Blog

One or two people have enquired about progress on this Blog.

The very limited appetite I have currently for writing and historical research is being focused on the Alianore Audley II book. I also have very little spare time because of family responsibilities.

If anyone wants to write a guest article they have only to offer. Otherwise it will have to be a wait until the right planets align.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Maybe it's me, but...

The discovery of Richard's body (if it is him) seems also to have dug up all the old, fruitless arguments between his 'supporters' and his 'detractors' - for want of better labels. Maybe it's because I'm so long in the game, but the exercise seems increasingly pointless. For every argument there is a counter-argument, and neither side is going to change its collective mind. I can think of parallels, but I've no wish to be offensive so I'll spare you the comparison. I just get weary of reading the same old stuff on every Ricardian and Wars of the Roses Forum I've subscribed to. Because of this, I've pretty much given up joining in.