Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The House of York 1385-1485

I've no idea why I'm interested in history in general or the House of York in particular - I just am. Perhaps it's (in part) that the York family included some of the most interesting and controversial characters in English medieval history.

I've already written two novels that feature the family. Within the Fetterlock is about Constance, daughter of the first Duke, Edmund of Langley, and her exploits in the reigns of Richard II and Henry IV. The Adventures of Alianore Audley, narrated by Constance's wholly fictional granddaughter, is a fun look at the times of Edward IV and Richard III. Yes, a fun look. History doesn't have to be deadly serious all the times. We are allowed to have a laugh.

This is a new venture for me. No idea how often I'll be scribbling my ideas on here. But I will try to keep mainly to the medieval Yorks, their families, friends, and Baldrics.


LIS said...

Brian, I'm loving this blog already! I haven't read WITHIN THE FETTERLOCK yet (it's in my book queue) but I have read ALIANORE and adored it -- I'm with you -- everything doesn't always have to be deadly serious! I'll definitely be checking out this blog frequently!

Rania said...

So Brian when do we get to the Southampton plot and what happened there?

Brian said...

Southampton Plot? Not sure when exactly Rania, but I will be featuring it before too long. Not that I expect to make sense of it. As the guy said in Shakespeare In Love, 'it's a mystery!'

Brian said...

Hi Lis,

I hope you like Constance when you meet her. It's a very different read to Alianore Audley though - not too many laughs.

I hope to keep this blog relatively light hearted and I hope people will enjoy that.