Thursday, 10 September 2009

Policy of this Blog

I hate pompous postings, setting out policy, but this is necessary.

First, I have been obliged to introduce moderation for comments. I HATE doing this, but I am not prepared to be abused on my own freaking Blog. Argument is fair enough, I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I'd actually be amazed and sorry if they did. But I'm allowed to argue back. When I use abusive terms, so can you. Not before.

This may lead to some delay in publishing your comments. I do not look at the blog every day at the moment as I am busy with writing. Sorry about that, but there it is.

Now, it is no secret that I am biased towards the House of York. Always have been, always will be. That is one reason why I am writing a blog called The Yorkist Age not The Lancastrian Age or Margaret Beaufort is my goddess. I distance myself from the attitude of some academic historians who are more biased than me but pretend to be objective! However I am also relatively open-minded and if people want to put up opposing viewpoints, that's fine. I do not believe in black-and-white history, and am more than willing to accept that Margaret of Anjou, Antony Woodville, Elizabeth Woodville, Warwick and the rest of them had their good points. (Henry VII is maybe a bridge too far.) Personal abuse will, however not be tolerated, and nor do I want to play guessing games. Put up or shut up, in other words.

Now, back to civilised discussion - PLEASE!


Susan Higginbotham said...

Ah, come on, Brian. We know you have pinups of Margaret Beaufort by your desk!

Moderation is a sensible thing, actually. I took my blog off moderation for one day and promptly got hit with a 20-paragraph racist spiel that had nothing at all to do with the topic at hand.

Alianore said...

Very well said, Brian, and I'm sorry you've had to suffer such rudeness on your own blog. I had the same problem last year on my forum with a Roger Mortimer groupie whom I eventually had to ban after she called me all kinds of names. Some people's kids...

Lady D. said...

I'm also sorry to hear of some of the un-necessary abuse you've been getting too. From the bit I read it was completely undeserved, ill-mannered and out of line. I've been lucky so far but if it happens then I shall do exactly the same thing.

I think I can safely say that you have the support of lots of us in blogworld!

Marie Burton said...

I have had to resort to Comment moderation because of SOMEONE as well. Wherever I see her posting on someone else's blog, I don't dare post a response to the original post as intended. I ran, because I don't want her to come back to my blog and stalk me again.
I've probably stirred it all up again by even mentioning HER but I did have to say that I definitely feel your pain. And it is sad that I can't feel free to post what I want because I don't want her drama. Let's just say I'm on your side with this one, Brian.
(& all I did to deserve her wrath was post a positive review of a Philippa Gregory book, oh the tragedy!)

trish wilson said...

One thing I can assure you about Brian is that Lady Eleanor was not a member of the Third Order of St Francis founder of the Francisian Order not the Carmelite.

Where the hell did you come by such information when even JAH states - and credit is due when credit is due - that her association was with the Carmelites not the Franciscans?

Brian said...

Trish - you are quite right on this occasion. I think you will also find that J-AH says that there were no Carmelite nunneries in England at this time.

The Third Order (or its equivalent) still applies, I think. However, if you disagree we shall just have to agree to disagree as life is too short.

I seem to have accidentally lost some other comments. Not sure how, but there was nothing objectionable in them so will the people concerned please accept my apologies.

trish wilson said...


A conversus/conversa was either a member of the First or Second Order according to gender never the Third.

As it is JAH isn't the only person to have written about the Norwich Carmel. Guess who else.

And yes Brian I have an apology to make. I didn't mean to gripe personally but after all those weeks in the Britsh Library I began to wonder 'Whom do I believe?