Tuesday, 11 January 2011

An Irrelevant Post - Edward II

I have lately been wound up by various people who insist on believing the fable that Edward III was fathered by William Wallace.

Let me set it out in plain terms for the hard of thinking. He wasn't! Edward III was not born until several years after Wallace's death. Human biology teaches us that the normal term of pregnancy is nine months, not seven years! Moreover, Queen Isabella was only 9 or 10 years old at the time of Wallace's execution, and she was still in France.

Edward and Isabella had several children and Edward also had at least one outside marriage. Fact - it is possible for a gay man to father children. Many if not all of us descend from such men in our ancestry, given that until very recently it was common for them to marry and give the appearance of being 'normal'.

There really is no reason to believe that Edward III was fathered by anyone other than Edward II - but he certainly wasn't fathered by William Wallace.

Rant over!


Elizabeth said...

It's unfortunate reproductive science and the march of time keep getting in the way of this little fantasy people have, but there it is!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Brian! I really, really hope that if we keep attacking this nonsense wherever we see it, people will finally get the message. I've read several novels where Roger Mortimer is Edward III's father, which is a real achievement, given that he was in Ireland when Edward was conceived - and then there was that 'Edward III's father was a royal bodyguard' stupidity I wrote about the other day. ('Proved by research', no less.)

Brian said...

I sincerely wish people *would* get the message.

But, alas, there are so many out there who seem to have had their critical faculties removed at birth and swallow any old garbage whole.

STAG said...

I agree. Absolute stuff and nonsense. However, people in general (never you or me of course) believe in the most ridiculous things! One does not have to go far to find examples.
I shall not name those examples because it might embarrass some people....but there you go.

Have a great day, LOVE your blog, and I DO hope you and yours had a fabulous holidays.

alice said...

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