Sunday, 12 July 2009

The De la Poles

Stephen Lark has kindly pointed out to me that it is believed Richard de la Pole (Richard Duke of York's grandson) had a daughter in France, Marguerite, who has living descendants to this day, members of the French nobility. Her earlier descendants included the famous political philosopher de Montesquieu and the Comte de Frontenac who was a C17 Governor of Canada.

Stephen also mentioned that Richard's brother, William de la Pole may have been alive as late as 1539/40 as a prisoner in the Tower.


trish wilson said...

Yes I know all about Stephen Lark including his book reviews on Amazon. Thanks to my knowledge of canon law one has already been kicked into touch.

Who's next on my hit list? John Ashdown Hill and the little matter of Eleanor Boteler aka Alianore Bottiler.

And if push has become shove blame Joe Ann Ricca. Sorry but I don't think the best way of winning an argument is sending abusive emails.

Understand my name is Wilson not Weir and I don't buy her arguments either. I'm rather like Mercutio about to scream ' A plague on both your houses'

trish wilson said...


I've read both Wigram and Weir. I'm still splitting my side from laughter.

Brian said...

Trish, if you are considering going into battle with John Ashdown-Hill, please bear in mind he has a relevant PhD and has thoroughly researched the matter!

Stephen Lark's info about the late surviving de la Pole came from Complete Peerage and I understand he is in e-mail contact with the 21st century descendants. Good sources I think.

John Foelster said...

I still can't believe that the statutory heir to Richard III was a pro-Republican philosopher. (More or less.) You can't make some things up.