Saturday, 28 February 2009


Thanks to Helen Webberley of the Art and Architecture Blog The Yorkist Age hath received its first award. The award is particularly appreciated because of its reference to Jane Austen, who is a literary heroine of mine.

This is the first prize I have won since (much to the utter astonishment of my headmaster) I received one in the Upper Sixth Arts for scoring the most points in exams. I don't think old 'Bonzo' ever quite recovered from the shock of that, and I often wonder if there were recounts before it was finalised.

Thanks are also due to Lady D over at Lady Despenser's Scribery for a very kind review of Within the Fetterlock.

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Hels said...

G'day Brian,

I always think that history is wasted on school children. I did history at school and enjoyed it, but my notion of Long Term was what happened last saturday night. People do eventually mature, largely. Thankfully.

As noted, I traced back through the award winners and found a distinct pattern. Readers really did want to read intelligent blogs on history, art, music or literature. The award winners were not 17 year olds, moaning about their tragic love lives - rather they seemed to be mature people reflecting on fascinating issues.

all the best