Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Where is Richard of Gloucester???

Not been posting much as I've been busy with the novel. About time too, did I hear someone say? Couldn't argue if you did.

Anyway, I have found something strange. Given that Richard III has had more written about him than almost anyone - with the possible exception of Hitler - there are periods in his life when he just vanishes!

Take (as I am trying to do) 1469. He apparently parts from Edward IV when the king is captured at Olney in late July and pops up again in late September when he and others turn up in force at Pontefract and effectively rescue Edward from his Babylonian captivity. Where was he in the interim? No one seems to know for sure, though I've come across a couple of hints he was in Yorkshire. But Richard doesn't seem to have lands there in 1469, and I'm sure he wasn't just aimlessly wandering about. Especially as he was so seriously short of brass that he'd had to borrow a hundred quid off Lord Saye just a few weeks earlier. Very odd. I may have to invent something, but am sure that if I send him off to East Anglia I shall discover (day after publication!) that there's proof he was in Scarborough all along!

On an almost totally unconnected point I was googling the other day and found that Elizabeth Woodville has a School named after her. If you visit their site, try clicking on the school badge - guaranteed to delight all fans of the noble greyhound.


GeorgeD said...

"Richard III has had more written about him than almost anyone - with the possible exception of Hitler"

Methinks you've forgotten about JackTheRipper -- allegedly there have been more books written about him than about all the presidents of the United States together!

BTW, I like your blog very much (and would comment on it more if I weren't so d*mm lazy). Above all, I like your POV concerning Henry IV. Keep up the good work!

Su_H said...

Hi Brian - if you do find out please let me know as I am writing a novel set from 1469-1471 and also would love to know where he was. I've put him under Hastings's protection and as my protaganist is Warwick that's going to have to be okay! Su :-)