Monday, 23 June 2008

Tewkesbury Festival

Mention of Richard III reminds me that the Tewkesbury Festival is coming up on the 12th and 13th July, and I'm delighted to give them a bit of free publicity. It appears this is the 25th year of the Festival and so they are laying on a few extra activities and attractions. If you can make it, do go along, you're unlikely to be disappointed. If you visit the Richard III Society, Worcester Branch stand they may even have a few copies of my books left!

The battle is always the highlight. Though you should be warned, the Yorkists don't always get to win!


Lady D. said...

I'll be there!!! My old re-enactment society are organising it - so I shall see many familiar faces.

I once was a 'banner-bearer' on the field (some years ago now) and it was quite a scary experience as I was on the losing side and had to run like mad to escape!!!

But yes, it's a great event and this year it's bigger than ever - with a joust as well!!! Are you going?

Brian said...

No, sadly. I used to be a regular, but family circumstances make getting away hard without a lot of pre-planning. And I am getting too old and lazy to do it as a day trip.

I always classed it as one of the highlights of the social calendar!

Lady D. said...

hehe - I always saw it as my 'Ascot' - without the hats though!

Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

I would love to go to something like this -- I think, when I finally make a trip to England, maybe I should organize it around this type of thing.

Lady D. said...

It was absolutely great - desite heavy showers on the Saturday! I ssall be posting a review and some pics on my blog in the next couple of days :-)